Retail Sales Territory Mapping

cashier swiping a credit card during a sale at a retail storeRetail sales certainly have room for growth in the industry, but is your business operating at its fullest potential? If you’re asking yourself this question, then perhaps it’s time to consider resources that can help. Sales territory mapping software can help you readily identify aspects of your sales strategy that are working, as well as areas that you can improve. Whether you are a small or large operation, retail sales territory mapping can be used to collect your data and help streamline your business towards success.

How The Retail Industry Uses Sales Territory Mapping

Sales territory mapping has been used to increase the sales and capabilities of many companies. It can definitely be an asset to the retail industry. Here are a few key ways that you can use sales territory mapping for your retail business.

Create Easily Shareable Maps

Have you ever wished that you could easily share information with you the entire team? Now you can help with sales territory mapping. Not only can you create totally customized maps, but you can also give access to your whole team. This seemingly small advantage is something that will become very beneficial to your business as you start to work more collaboratively. Having access to easily shareable maps can drastically cut down on back-and-forth communications and allow your team to be more collaborative and productive.

Identify Areas for Growth

Are you interested in expanding, but not sure how? Sales territory mapping can help you easily see which areas you excel in and which areas could use more attention. Perhaps there is an underserved area on your current route that you could tap into. It’s much easier to identify opportunities when it is clearly laid out in front of you. Sales territory mapping does just that. You’ll have access to information about areas that you already serve, as well as areas that your competitors have not tapped into yet. You can get ahead of the curve by using this valuable software to your advantage.

Optimize Your Sales Routes

a sales route being taken by the owner of a retail franchiseAre your sales routes serving your company? Easily seeing how your routes are set up through our software will show you whether your sales associates are traveling in the most effective routes possible. So many businesses are operating in sales routes that aren’t time effective. Make sure that you’re not one of them by utilizing sales territory mapping. You can then use this information to cut down on drive time or completely transform your sales routes altogether.

Organize Your Data

Whether you have big or small amounts of data, sales territory mapping can help. You can input specific criteria that are relevant to your retail sales company, and then use that information in the most helpful way possible. Such criteria you may want to include are information about your customers, such as their income brackets or their zip codes. You can customize the information based on the exact needs of your business. Your sales team can then easily recall this information as needed for future strategizing.

Benefits Of Sales Territory Mapping In The Retail Industry

Fortunately, there are many benefits when it comes to using sales territory mapping. You are sure to be blown away by the many ways that this software can help get your processes whipped into shape and identify areas for growth. Here are a few key benefits that you should consider.

Clearly Define Your Territory

You can easily identify your sales territory and view it all on one single map. You can’t underestimate just how convenient it is to have a clear overview of your service area. Your sales team can easily identify their current territory and better understand where they can search for new leads and expand the company. Your sales associates can use pins and drawing features to map out the area and make notes about how that area is performing. Heat mapping is another feature that many people appreciate because it outlines which areas are performing the best.

Better Understand Your Data

When you have all the most relevant information about your territory and customer in a single space, you will be more likely to see how that data translates to your success and potential for growth. You’ll identify patterns and trends faster and be able to make strategic decisions that will influence your overall business success. You may even learn something about your business that you didn’t realize before. It’s certainly a great way to learn about what strategies are working and which ones may need to be tweaked for optimal results.

Identity Your Prime Customer

retail store owner gaining new clients due to sales territory mapping processesIn the end, it’s all about making sure that you connect with your customers. Are you sure that you know who your prime customer is? Using sales territory mapping, you can input information about your customer, such as their age, location, and even which products and services they prefer. You may start to learn that your company connects best with a certain type of customer. You can then use that information to identify which areas you should move into and how you can better cater to your prime customer’s buying habits. This is valuable information that can totally transform your sales team’s approach to your customer.

Speak With A Retail Sales Territory Mapping Expert

If you are a retail sales company interested in organizing your data and streamlining your sales processes, you should consider sales territory mapping. This software is used by countless businesses to refine and expand in ways that you may have never thought possible before. At Geographic Enterprises, we want to help as many businesses as we can to reach their highest potential. Contact us by calling 888.848.4436 or speaking to a representative online today to learn how this software can transform your business. We are happy to answer your questions and provide more information about why sales territory mapping is the right choice for you.