Sales Call Planning with Mapping Tools from Geographic Enterprises: Enhance Your Sales Team Decision-Making

Business mapping software has the ability to help sales agents enhance their decision-making. Without proper planning, it can be difficult to determine how to best spend your limited time during work hours. Planning and mapping software enables sales reps to more easily focus on the task at hand. 

When developing a route, it is crucial to consider time usage. For example, time spent on getting an order from a customer, writing down an address, and diagnostics are all examples of time wasted. Using route optimization mapping tools can eliminate these time-intensive tasks, allowing you to focus on the business’ core competencies. By leveraging a route optimization tool, you can improve the quality of service and operational efficiency for all your teams.

Increase Sales Team Effectiveness

Through sales call planning and route optimization, sales reps can reduce their time on the road, as well as travel costs. They can also minimize other disruptions, such as long traffic delays, being late to appointments and not having enough time to spend with clients.

Innovative mapping technology makes it easy for sales teams to plan ahead regardless of their itinerary. By inputting important data, such as the addresses of your sales appointments, you quickly can create an easy-to-understand map with fully optimized routes for each sales agent. Business mapping software, with sales, call planning and route optimization, provides sales teams with a competitive edge, reduces employee stress, and allows agents to focus on sales objectives rather than travel hurdles.

A route-optimization tool calculates an optimal path for a sales representative’s daily trip and then gives the rep the option to drive that route. This can be a very effective strategy if the sales representative visits 25 to 30% more customers than they would otherwise. 

The most effective route planning software automatically optimizes sales reps’ routes. Sales reps will spend less time on mundane, low-value tasks and more time with customers. The result is greater sales and productivity. Route-optimization tools help companies to create balanced geographic sales territories.

Every business and sales team is unique; it is crucial to plan according to your business’s specified needs and requirements. Online business mapping tools can be effectively used to gain insight into a wide variety of information. Learn more about your market by identifying:

  • Your most profitable customers
  • Best locations to expand your business
  • Demographic and geographic markets that offer potential new customers
  • Facts that can help your business achieve maximum performance

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