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With HERE Maps you can get cloud-based location data with live updates as well as global business coverage. Here Map Data is a fully comprehensive portfolio of automotive-grade map data that can help you locate, route, and optimize both mobile and fixed assets. This is used for all types of things from fleet management to logistics & transport optimization, urban planning, and so much more. Information always stays fresh and updated so you’re getting the most reliable information possible for your business. Learn more about HERE Maps. 

Constant, Fresh, Rich Data

You will always be kept up-to-date with access to our thousands of terabytes of validated and carefully collected location data. All of your local maps are going to stay fresh and relevant so you always have the information you need on hand. They have more than 315 million separate building and structure footprints connected to their massive map database. With over 70 million kilometers of roadways mapped across 200+ countries, you’re guaranteed accurate global coverage. You can even use their maps offline to reduce data usage or do work when no network is available. Check out all of our HERE Maps mapping integrations!


Create visually stunning interactive web maps in minutes with the help of Geographic Enterprises. Our GeoMetrx online mapping software lets businesses convert data from Excel spreadsheets into eye-catching and informative visualizations. Using our territory mapping software and service is easy and can be integrated with Google Maps. Simply map your data, combine it with a custom range of demographics and business variables, and you’ll be on your way to opening up a world of sales opportunities.

GeoMetrx can help you convert all of that boring and illegible spreadsheet data into simple, eye-catching map visualizations. Maximize your business decisions with an innovative solution that captures shopper data. Nowadays, not many people leave home without their mobile phone. Using the precision of mobile device GPS data, GeoMetrx can deliver expert analysis that provides a more accurate understanding of your territory areas, or retail locations. Instead of strictly relying on mapping software only, this level of data analysis allows for better, more informed decision-making regarding space and territories. Learn more about GeoMetrx.

GeoMetrx Functionality

  • Upload data appended to standard geographies to create reports and thematic maps – data can also be shared with other users in your GeoMetrx network.
  • HTML export of reports (users can then link the URL as public access data)
  • Select Geographies by market capture
  • Share data, report formats, and map templates
  • Custom Chart creation from all datasets thru our DataDashboard
  • Compare dissimilar geographies including radius versus drive time or radius versus standard geographies
  • FIPS codes appended to all geographies
  • Create Weighted indices
  • Merge Radius or Drive time boundaries
  • State name appended to geography selections
  • Map customization including increased thematic ranges and defining thematic ranges by: Equal Value, Equal Class Counts, Class Percent, Means and Standard Deviations, Individual Values

Learn about how GeoMetrx can revolutionize your business.

Map Business Online

a business owner performing market analysis with business mapping softwareIn order to remain competitive in their industry, many organizations assess and analyze their business data regularly. Map Business Online is the ideal solution for businesses that require geographical business data and analytics. This cloud-based software provides you with up-to-the-minute business information based on several unique datasets. When you use Map Business Online, you are granted access to many features including the ability to create, visualize, monitor, and share data.

Map Business Online provides a number of geographical and analytical tools for organizations. With the software, your business can create stunning visualizations to increase business intelligence, define sales territories, identify target markets, and enhance knowledge of the competition. Map Business Online also promotes communication among collaborators, giving users the ability to share, embed, and print maps created using the software, as well as grant permissions for other members of the organization (or API integrations) to read or contribute to the map while logged-into Map Business Online.

Organizations from a wide variety of industries leverage the power of a business map to:

  • Visualize customers and competitors – Help you make more well-informed decisions
  • Create and manage sales territories – Drive sales accountability and growth into the organization
  • Reduce fuel costs and improve productivity with optimal routing and drive-analysis
  • Search, segment, and append business data sets with radius maps and data filters
  • Communicate with maps – Share map URLs, embed maps in presentations, print wall maps, have your data where you need it when you need it
  • Leverage the power of your team by setting up shared map editing capabilities

Learn more about Map Business Online.


GeoPrinter is an industry-leading printing service for large size wall maps and graphics. Our fast, easy, and affordable services provide high-resolution digital map printing for PDF format files up to 9 × 12 feet in size. We print all types of maps and graphics, from off-the-shelf maps to specially customized maps and graphics. Delivery is available as early as the very next day through express delivery services.

Having access to large-format, high-resolution maps, graphics, or CAD drawings are not only convenient but essential for many industry professionals. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to have these maps made to a satisfactory standard. At GeoPrinter, we streamline the map printing process by helping you create custom maps that meet your unique needs and specifications. We can also print off-the-shelf maps for use in classrooms, libraries, or other educational settings. Learn more about GeoPrinter – create high quality maps and graphics today!

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