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Get ZIP Code based Demographic Data Reports, Create or Visualize interactive Geographic Data based  maps with Geographic Enterprises.

Our smart online GeoMetrx tool lets businesses extract ZIP code based demographic and business data, convert data from excel spreadsheets into eye-catching and informative visualizations, or create range of demographics and business variable based data mapping and visual dashboard for smart business decisions and identifying sales opportunities.

Enhanced Mapping Data Visualization

Make smarter business decisions with our Data Mapping Visualization

GeoMetrx technology allows for better visual mapping of business data. Our innovative geography-driven territory mapping service has the ability to help businesses dynamically aggregate, rank, compare, and map countless preloaded attributes. Businesses can upload their own proprietary data for analysis on-demand. Being an online tool, its accessible from anywhere and enables business to design business data over geographical area maps to align and optimize sales or franchise territories, select retail sites, perform market analysis, and much more with our data driven understanding of retail locations and territory area. Gain valuable insight with our accurate shopper data, ideal business locations, climate data, and various other influential data factors.

At Geographic Enterprises, we offer several GeoMetrx services that can benefit businesses and organizations of all sizes by providing access to powerful demographic mapping and reporting tools.

ZIP Code Demographics

At Geographic Enterprises, we make it easy to gain access to valuable demographic data.

Simply enter your 5-digit ZIP code and you will receive an instant report with demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau, directly in your inbox. This report includes essential information like ZIP code, location population, income data, and household data among others. It can also be filtered to display a certain set of ZIP codes, range of household income, and more.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is essential to take advantage of our reports and maintain an edge in the marketplace. Utilize our demographic reports and maps  for a wide range of purposes like retail opportunities, and business expansion. Compare sales numbers, fundraising efforts, mail response rates, and several other business variables in comparisons to those of your competitors and make informed business decisions.

Online Mapping Software

Geographic Enterprises makes it easier for businesses and organizations to create informative and eye-catching maps in a matter of minutes using supplied datasets and your own data uploaded from Excel spreadsheets.

Creating web maps with our GeoMetrx tool is not only easy, but can provide valuable insight to a company’s strengths and weaknesses. They can also act as an analysis tool when comparing your business to your competitors. This service can also be integrated with Google Maps. Simply map your data, combine it with a custom range of demographics and business variables, and you’ll be on your way to opening up a world of sales opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

Producing a profitable territory takes skill, expertise, and a deeper analysis of data that software and spreadsheets do not offer. A combination of demographic data, geographic/area mapping and deep analysis guarantees business Success.

#Partner With Excellence

We develop a long-term partnership with you to understand which outcomes are critical to your success, setting us apart from other regular mapping software. Our consultative approach provides expert level advice and customized solutions to clients looking for deeper market analysis within territories; something our clients have found lacking in other software.

#Consult for Growth Strategy

We are your growth partners. GeoMetrx is committed to projects based on the relevant data a business needs to grow. Along with providing mapping software, our expertise and service offers you a full-service based data and mapping consulting.

#Flexible with changing needs

We get to know our customers as they evolve. Sounds obvious but we listen to your business needs and objectives as they change with time. Accordingly, we provide evolving market analysis into your changing location and territories to craft your ideal customer profiles.

#Proven Expertise

When your reputation is at stake, trust ours. Our team knows how to implement mapping strategies. We love discussing and planning new map projects, and have years of knowledge and experience that we bring to the table.

#Personalized Creative And Technical Solution

We have the creative DNA and technical craft to understand your data, develop a mapping strategy, and find your best locations with the best customers, specifically for your organization. We can quickly modify our tool dedicated to your business needs for you to be able to make educated decisions instead.


We love what we do and bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. We don’t sell a product and walk away, leaving you to figure out how to best implement or use it. We care about you and your business objectives so we tend to go over and above on service.

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Geographic Enterprises Online Sales Mapping
Geographic Enterprises Online Sales Mapping