There is no need to pay for costly data or run multiple reports to get the answers you are seeking. Businesses can now discover potential sales opportunities more efficiently than using spreadsheets by quickly creating a sales map that points to where the sales are. Our territory mapping software functionality offers multiple features designed to make it easy and more efficient to access up-to-date demographic data.

Territory Mapping Software Functionality

GeoMetrx — upload dataUpload data appended to standard geographies to create reports and thematic maps – data can also be shared with other users in your GeoMetrx network.

GeoMetrx — reportHTML export of reports (users can then link the URL as public access data)
GeoMetrx — market captureSelect Geographies by market capture
GeoMetrx — reportsShare data, report formats, and map templates
GeoMetrx — chartCustom Chart creation from all datasets through our Data Dashboard
GeoMetrx — mapCompare dissimilar geographies including radius versus drive time or radius versus standard geographies
GeoMetrx — codesFIPS codes appended to all geographies
GeoMetrx — variablesCreate Weighted indices
GeoMetrx — boundariesMerge Radius or Drive time boundaries
GeoMetrx — customizationMap customization including increased thematic ranges and defining thematic ranges by: Equal Value, Equal Class Counts, Class Percent, Means and Standard Deviations, Individual Values
GeoMetrx — data reportingSave Reports by Project/Geography · Create Custom Reports that combine standard data and your uploaded data

GeoMetrx — Google MapsGeoMetrx — view optionsAdditional map options: Google Earth, Google Maps, Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps · 3D mapping available from Virtual Earth

GeoMetrx — templateSave Map Templates by Project · Save or Export Maps as: GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG, WMF, or EMF file formats
GeoMetrx — thematic mappingThematic Mapping available for large areas (i.e. multiple states) up to the entire U.S. at any geography level
GeoMetrx — tutorialsOnline Tutorials and Searchable Support Documents
GeoMetrx — map radius500-mile radius and 2 hour travel time geographies available


Additional Functionalities

  • State name appended to geography selections
  • Multi-user Admin controls for managing access to uploaded data and for sharing report and map templates
  • Rank geography options with a “sort by data variable” feature within HTML outputs
  • Innovation Datasets – now available for thematic mapping and custom reports across datasets

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Geographic Enterprises Online Sales Mapping
Geographic Enterprises Online Sales Mapping