HERE Census content consists of Census IDs and Census boundaries used for logistics and transport optimization, as well as more efficient customer care, business intelligence, and urban planning efforts.

HERE Census Features & Services

  • Minor civil division
  • Core based statistical area
  • Census block groups
  • Census blocks
  • Census tracts

HERE Census Boundaries

HERE census contentWith Census boundaries, Census agencies and third-party providers are able to use Census FIPS codes to join demographics for use in geo-marketing and various site selection applications. Census boundaries include two product layers, one that has water clipped at some geographies and another that has water clipped at all geographies. This only applies to the U.S. and Canada. The U.S. supports a demographic DBF file, and coverage contains a variety of geographies, such as state, county, and Congressional District layer.

HERE Census IDs

Census IDs consist of a link ID, link side, as well as five geographic IDs and their corresponding link PVID. This can be useful for geo-marketing purposes and site selection applications.

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