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HERE location platformThe HERE open location platform is a cloud-based platform used to exchange location-centric data. Businesses can gain access to a unique set of tools that allow them to more easily integrate location functionalities into their professional applications. HERE mobile SDKs and HERE platform extensions for businesses deliver accurate services and data that are relevant and available across the globe.

HERE Location Platform Functionalities

HERE location platform is a full-featured tool that provides a variety of enterprise-specific functionalities. These features are compatible with a range of devices and operating systems due to the modularly-built cloud services. Users can also integrate location data into their solutions using cloud and on-premise hosted services. Reliable platform service (APIs) provide businesses with extra support. These APIs include fleet map style, truck routing, postal-code shapes layer, isoline and matrix routing, and multi-reverse and batch geocoding.

Other key features of the HERE location platform include:

  • GeoCoding – This feature provides businesses with global coverage for 196 countries, as well as other territories. Users will also find data in a wide array of languages, as well as features like reverse and batch geocoding.
  • Traffic – Gain access to current traffic flow, as well as alerts for incidents. Businesses will also find the largest repository of historical speed patterns.
  • Places – Discover and interact with hundreds of millions of locations all over the globe which can help your business make critical decisions based on events, assets, and the geolocation of customers.
  • Directions – This feature provides reliable route directions using traffic conditions.
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