3d mapHERE Map Content (formerly NAVStreets) is the leading map application in the private, public and defense sectors. The in-depth digital street network compiled, maintained and continually updated provides the most complete, feature rich and positionally accurate geographic reference system available.

HERE map-making teams create world-class content by analyzing data collected from satellites, GPS data points, a fleet of HERE True vehicles and multiple local field offices. Images, GPS coordinates and LiDAR scans combine to produce highly precise 2D and 3D virtual representations of the real world.

HERE Map Content Products

HERE Map Content offers a selection of three products based on the extent of your needs.


For display, geocoding & routing applications.

  • Navigable attributes
  • Points of interest
  • Address ranges


For display & geocoding applications.

  • Points of interest
  • Address ranges


For display purposes (does not include Navigable Attributes, POI or Address Ranges)

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There are 5 main types of map content that HERE maps serve. You can learn more about each individual service here – point addressing, speed limits, toll costs, traffic, and trucks.

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