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an individual using a map API with mapping software on a smartphoneAddress Geocoding – most often simply referred to as geocoding – refers to the translation of a text-based addresses into mapping coordinates. In other words, it outputs the latitude/longitude of the target address. The system is also capable of reversing those coordinates back to the place name address as needed. In addition to the latitude/longitude pair, the system relies on road and street network information, postal, and census information.

While geocoding started back in the 1960s, great advances in cloud-based application programming interfaces (APIs) means our system can provide incredible match rates and precision with much faster output. In fact, more and more companies have come to rely on this technology as part of daily operations and dynamic business decision-making.

Today even indoor addresses can now be mapped, although many locations still need to be input into the system. However, indoor geocoding is already a capability being developed and offered, along with outdoor geocoding, on our spatial data platform.

In addition, our location platform can also return results in multiple languages by using the preferred language parameter.

Our global location platform is the preferred solution for geocoding, named the #1 solution for four years running – even beating out Google Maps API.

In countries where non-sequential numbering is used or where address ranges do not exist, geocoding is essential. Geocoding provides a precise point for an address location which is then adjusted to the road, allowing the highest level of “to the door” arrival accuracy.

How are Businesses Using Geocoding?

Address Gecoding Analytics

There are many applications for geocoding. While shipping and delivery solutions may immediately come to mind, the data can also be applied or combined with other business or customer data for a wide range of business intelligence purposes.

With the capability of data visualization in hand, the system truly helps one see solutions within the displayed array of data points. The visual data output can be altered based on your own critical variables.

Data features include:

  • Road Adjusted Point – HERE publishes a “point” address based in the center of the parcel but moved to be near the road allowing drivers to effectively navigate to non-standard address locations.
  • Micro Point Addressing – in complement to Point Addressing, additional location information within buildings, such as building unit name, floor or level name and suite numbers, associated with the point address of the building is available in the United States and Bulgaria.
  • Point Suppression – to improve performance in the United States due to database size, select points are suppressed, typically for longer road segments.

Additional Features and Functionality

Forward Geocoding
We have high-precision map data for 196 countries, including the ability to both visually display data and to use it for navigation. Our data can be used with our proprietary API or with other common technologies, such as Rest API, javascript, or SDK for Android.

Search Data
Our solution provides data on over 120 million address points and we keep adding more daily. Our attributes also include name and category, price range, contact info, and website URLs.

Speed up workflows with autosuggest. Your employees or customers will be able to view top suggestions within just a few keystrokes.

Merge Your Own Data with Our System Data
Enhance your results by combining our system data with your customer or business data for evermore relevant output.

There are 5 main types of map content that HERE maps serve. You can learn more about each individual service here – point address geocoding, speed limits, toll costs, traffic, and trucks.

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