HERE Point Addressing is the ideal solution for geocoding, especially in countries where non-sequential numbering is used or where address ranges do not exist. Point addressing provides a precise point for an address location which is then adjusted to the road, allowing the highest level of “to the door” arrival accuracy.

Data features include:

  • Road Adjusted Point – HERE publishes a “point” address based in the center of the parcel but moved to be near the road allowing drivers to effectively navigate to non-standard address locations
  • Micro Point Addressing – in complement to Point Addressing, additional location information within buildings, such as building unit name, floor or level name and suite numbers, associated with the point address of the building is available in the United States and Bulgaria.
  • Point Suppression – to improve performance in the United States due to database size, select points are suppressed on advantageous, typically longer road segments.
  • Coverage for more than 270 million points in 65 countries

There are 5 main types of map content that HERE maps serve. You can learn more about each individual service here – point addressing, speed limits, toll costs, traffic, and trucks.

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