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Speed limit mappingHERE Speed Limits maps maximum vehicle speeds while also advising users against violating traffic restrictions and maximum speeds based on their correct street or road location. Additionally, the API can help improve efficiency by providing alternate route selections with their estimated arrival times.

Now you can convey this type of information to your team dynamically even as they are out on their routes for the day.

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) Now Mandatory in the EU

In the European Union, Intelligent Speed Assistance, known as ISA, is already mandatory. Not only does it apply to commercial vehicles – it also applies to regular passenger cars, vans, and trucks, plus buses. The goal is to help drivers comply with speed limits across the 27 EU member countries. By 2024, every new vehicle sold must have ISA. Not only must these systems use onboard camera monitoring, they must also include actual speed limit information.

Our mapping solution provides up-to-date speed limits, with comprehensive coverage across the globe.

Smart vehicle producers and fleet managers outside the EU can take steps now to ensure compliance down the road as well.

Key Benefits of ISA and Speed Limits Mapping Modules:

Even without clear signage, drivers will know the correct speed limits.

Frequently, drivers can struggle to understand the correct speed limit when relying on signage alone, especially when entering new, unfamiliar territory. Our mapping intelligence provides this information within their own vehicle, as needed.

Keep drivers informed on local regulations.

Our solution provides timely access to accurate information on variable speed limits, including specific limits for commercial vehicles.

Automatically alert drivers when they pass speed thresholds.

Instead of constantly focusing on their speedometer, drivers can simply focus on the road instead – improving overall driver safety.

Increase Your Organization’s Bottom Line

In addition to the obvious benefits of providing detailed road-related information, such as minimizing traffic violations, increasing safety, eliminating fuel waste, and minimizing vehicle wear and tear, you may find your organization benefiting from reduced labor costs.

Data features include:

  • Legal speed limit values for vehicle travel which are collected and included only when applicable to vehicles (no vehicles with trailers, or any other configuration, truck speed limits are stored separately)
  • Speed Limits values, including the following:
    • Unconditional speed limits
    • Truck speed limits
    • Conditional speed limits, reflecting special situations like rain, school, snow, fog, date/time, and speed bumps
    • Variable speed limits

There are 5 main types of map content that HERE maps serve. You can learn more about each individual service here – point addressing, speed limits, toll costs, traffic, and trucks.

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