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Map data for fleetsCommercial drivers need accurate maps to help them navigate their routes. We help truckers avoid congestion and obstacles by considering things like roadways, landmarks, and other relevant details, with data updates provided hourly.

Improve the efficiency of your fleet and save labor time and money, including savings on fuel costs.

Get the most accurate, up-to-date source of location data on roadways for transportation systems.

Keep your drivers safe with information on road congestion, road work, or other obstacles on their route. Injuries and fatalities continue to be a major concern, based on statistics published by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Ensure you are doing everything possibly for driver safety with the best possible navigation data.

Our map data provides high levels of accuracy on today’s leading transportation systems used in freighting and delivery services. We’re committed to making your business more efficient and keeping your drivers safe on the road.

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Accurate Mapping for Commercial Vehicles to Improve Efficiency

Our location data solutions can help you improve routing calculations to ensure that you use the most efficient and effective routes available. Additionally, improve your dispatch decisions and ultimately save time and money.

Data features include:

  • Legal restrictions – contains detailed information on exact areas or roads where certain legal restrictions apply (e.g. truck not allowed, trailer forbidden)
  • Environmental Zones – includes information on areas where access restrictions apply to certain vehicles or trucks due to environmental reasons
  • Hazmat – includes information on areas or roads where transport of hazardous materials is prohibited
  • Warnings – includes detailed information on the exact location and sign warning of certain road conditions that apply to trucks (e.g. lateral wind, risk of grounding)
  • Physical Restrictions – includes Information on areas where access restrictions apply to certain vehicles or trucks due to physical dimensions (e.g. height, weight)
  • Truck POIs – contains information about fuel stations for trucks, including lower emission fuels and additives, as well as valuable and practical information about special truck facilities
  • Distance Markers – includes detailed information on the exact location and sign number of road distance indicators
  • Loading Dock Locations – contains the actual location of loading and unloading docks at buildings, truck entrance locations and associated geometry

The Most Comprehensive Map Database for Trucks on the Market

Truck fleetOur locational data includes key road attributes for trucks, such as legal and physical restrictions, which are intelligently integrated into our platform to enable efficient route planning and turn-by-turn navigation voice guidance. This helps companies improve delivery performance, fuel efficiency, driver safety, and security.

Everything You Need to Keep Your Logistics System Running Smoothly

  • Get accurate information on roadways with hourly system updates
  • Adhere to all applicable regulations and limitations for commercial vehicles
  • Plan for hazardous materials restrictions in advance
  • Reduce delays with planning 

We provide accurate route data for each calculation so your commercial drivers can focus on what matters most: getting the next destination. 

Generate Efficient Route Maps for Carriers

  • Improve truck routing and dispatching
  • Make delivery routes more efficient with the application of carrier route codes
  • Calculate accurate ETAs (estimated time of arrivals)
  • Increase driver safety and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improve customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries
  • Reduce fuel cost

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There are 5 main types of map content that HERE maps serve. You can learn more about each individual service here – point addressing, speed limits, toll costs, traffic, and trucks.

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