HERE postal content mapHERE offers one of the most complete postal code databases in the world. Comprehensive postal content can be used for a wide array of functions, such as accurate customer profiling, precise territory management, direct marketing optimization, and serviceability insights. The full suite of postal coding software applications also provide:

  • Street Level Postal Coding – This application allows businesses to identify the postal code that is applicable to a specific side of the street.
  • Postal Code Points This application provides full postal code modeling. Postal code points use area code and postal code data to help drivers locate their destinations when targeting a large area. This means there is no need to rely on street addresses.
  • Postal Code Boundaries This application provides polygon and point representations for postal codes.

HERE postal code points and other applications can be used by businesses for a number of services, such as delivery management and analysis, new customer acquisitions, geocoding applications, and service area design and management. This content is updated regularly to ensure that your information is always accurate. HERE postal content includes data from both rural and urban postal codes.

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