Business listings are more than just helpful information for customers seeking businesses — they can help organizations develop a strategic plan and a winning process. Map Business Online is a software tool that allows you to create detailed maps based on information of current businesses. These business listing maps enable your company to collect and analyze data from over 16 million private sector and non-profit organizations across the continental United States.

How Business Listing Maps Work

mbo business listing

Organizations can take advantage of Map Business Online’s business listings solution through a variety of applications. The software lets you create color-coded maps, radius maps, distribution, and sales territory maps that can be separated across ZIP codes, cities, and states. The datasets that provide business information include data for business names, industry types, employee counts, annual sales reports and more.

With the help of business mapping technology, businesses can identify a wide range of information about their market, including:

  • Who your most profitable customers are and where they are located
  • Prime locations for expanding your business
  • Demographic and geographic markets that offer the most potential for growth
  • Other data that can help you achieve maximum performance

Learn More About Business Listing Maps

If you are ready to increase your organization’s development and sales efforts, Map Business Online is the perfect tool. Whether you intend to analyze data with color-coding or create a fully customized map using personalized markup, the software will position you one step ahead of the competition. There are no daily limits placed on the number of maps you can create or share among your employees, allowing you to move quickly. For more information about business listing maps or to inquire about purchasing Map Business Online, contact Mapping Resources online or speak to a representative by phone at 888.848.4436 today.