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Radius Maps For Business Planning

In business development and strategic planning, radius mapping has consistently proven to be a powerful tool. When expanding a business to unfamiliar or uncharted territory, it is important to identify and market towards the consumers which reside within the area. Radius maps for business planning provides businesses the ability to visualize target areas to effectively utilize and strategize sales and marketing resources or collateral.

How Businesses Can Effectively Utilize Radius Mapping

radius mapping by Map Business Online

With radius mapping software, businesses are able to use data points such as ZIP codes, cities, and counties to create a visual plan of reaching consumers within the given area. Map Business Online’s radius maps make it easy to segment and export data into Excel spreadsheets, so the sales and marketing staff can visualize and plan out their sales motions efficiently.

With the help of business mapping technology, businesses can identify a wide range of information about their market, including:

  • Streamline sales routes and calculate drive times
  • Share visual routes with sales teams by using radius maps in presentations
  • Create segmented data points and target specific clientele
  • Utilize census data to gain a better understanding of clientele in specific geographic regions
  • Track and organize prospects based on value and potential
  • Build cold calling lists for in-house sales representatives

Why Acquire Radius Mapping for Your Business?

Showing is better than telling, that is why it is so important for businesses to be able to effectively show their employees how to plan the optimal sales motion. Being able to visualize routes and track sales teams, your business will be able to increase efficiency on the road as well as in the office. Let us show you the power radius maps can bring for your next business planning; call 888.848.4436 or contact us online to get in contact with a representative and started with a free trial.