Meal Preparation: “Don’t Have Time”

As a society, time is a commodity of which we never seem to have enough. One of the casualties of lack of time is the shrinking number of families spending time together around the dinner table enjoying homemade meals. Meal preparation businesses are growing in popularity to fill this gap in our lives.

The map below depicts the number of people (Adult Pop 18+, 2013), by county, that have reported they “do not have the time to prepare and eat a healthy meal.” The amount of people in this situation increases from light yellow to dark blue. This is just one of many attitudinal and behavioral data sets available within  our GeoMetrx mapping application.

Combining such data along with demographics and a view of the  competitive landscape is an extremely useful resource for determining market potential. GeoMetrx has a rich database of all three data types.​

food map

GeoMetrx has the tools you need to assess the opportunities, locate the ideal site location, and evaluate the competition. For more information on how to obtain access to GeoMetrx tools and datasets, contact us today at 1.888.848.4436.