Web Resources:  Mobile & Desktop Maps

Have you ever needed to find a location on Google Maps using just latitude and longitude coordinates? It can be tricky if you don’t enter the information in just the right format.  Or perhaps you’ve needed to know the coordinates of a particular location or address? Well, we have discovered a great online resource with an interactive lat/long feature you’re sure to appreciate at iTouchMap.com. Simply enter an address and get the lat/long of any point. Conversely, you can enter your lat/long coordinates whether in decimal format or in degrees, minutes and seconds and see the location pinpointed on Google Maps.

iTouchMap.com has a variety of other handy utilities as well. The map tool utilizes full search functionality for addresses, cities, points of interest, businesses and organizations. At any time you can relocate the yellow “stickman” to the center of the current map view, a very handy feature. The map also includes additional viewing options such as Streetview and Traffic, effectively creating a hybrid between Google Maps and Google Earth.

Streetview, when selected, displays a street level image to the left of the map that changes as the location marker is relocated. The Traffic view displays real time construction, lane closures, accidents and other impediments, with the time of onset to the expected-to-end time. Driving directions are available in five different languages: English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Another handy feature of the website is the ability to measure distances. If you run, bike, or walk and want to know how much ground you covered, it’s easy to calculate. Enter your starting point and then click on the map to add additional points. Once points are placed they can be adjusted simply by clicking and dragging the markers. If you’ve ever been curious about the distance of the perimeter around the New York City Central Park Reservoir, wonder no more, it is just under 1.6 miles.

If you love maps as much as we do, visit iTouchMap.com and have fun exploring! But remember, when you need the power of data to enhance your mapping, GeoMetrx has you covered. Call 1.888.848.4436 for more information, or schedule a free online demo at a time that fits your schedule.