Geometrx sales territoriesMonitoring sales territories is a key trait of a successful business. Sales managers take various measures to keep their sales territories carefully monitored. A smart sales leader can monitor the pulse of the territories using these techniques.

Assess the Sales Territories

Before you start carving up the world and sending salespeople in all directions, think about what impact each sales territory has on corporate initiatives. At the top of the list is revenue targets.

Assessing and strategically building equitable sales territories include key steps such as identifying potential customers and competitor activities. Sales managers should partition the given territory rationally by the industry, area code, product or other determining factors.  The key factor may be to minimize the commuting time and maximize the visits paid to potential customers.

Build a Call Rotation Scheme

It is always important to keep in touch with the clients with certain frequency. Sales Managers should have a close look at the current customers and prospects to determine when to contact each and how often. For instance, it is always good to pay an in-person monthly visit and regular phone calls to a high-volume client. By using your corporate database, prioritization of key customers can be achieved consistently; while filling the gaps with the balance of your customer base.

Identify the Priorities

A professional salesperson should always know how to set the priorities. It is true that “picking the low hanging fruit” is a good approach, but a good salesperson should be able to identify the bigger and better fruits and find a way to pick them while still grabbing the easier ones.  Sales territories narrow the focus of salespeople and allow them to have a more in-depth knowledge base of potential customers within.

Re-define Sales Territories Based on Lead Gen

When a large number of sales leads in one particular sales territory are flooding in through the marketing division, it can be difficult for any sales leader to stay focused on the primary target due to overwhelm. In the long run, losing control of sales territories will be the result of poor sales territory planning. To overcome such trouble, analyze the incoming leads using mapping software, such as GeoMetrx, to evaluate the territory deficiencies and re-construct, if necessary, the sales territory boundaries.

If you are finding that your sales territories are out-of-balance, request a demo of GeoMetrx Sales Territory Mapping Software and visually analyze weak points.