Geometrx sales territoriesMany companies with a sales team understand the importance of creating a compelling sales territory plan to increase productivity.  Developing a sales territory plan can prevent the overlap of territories between sales reps.  This organization of sales territories ensures that the sales team does not compete against each other in acquiring new customers or duplicating efforts when visiting current customers. A visualization of sales territories using a mapping software can help make the company’s sales team more efficient, save time as well as money, which otherwise may go to waste with unfruitful outcomes.  Based on end-of-year numbers, it’s time to develop a sales territory plan for the new year.

Here are the five practical steps that can assist you in creating an effective sales territories management plan which will help your business to grow and succeed.

Segmentation of customers. You need to research your customers thoroughly. Then based on the data collected, create categories which help in better organization and implementation of your plan. Try to group them by size, products or their need.  Use a mapping software to visualize your customer and sales data for efficient categorization.

Development of a plan.  The next step is to develop a robust program based on the information gathered. You need to define and explain your primary objectives and develop a plan which helps you achieve those goals. Throughout this process, look for the feedback from the sales team which will provide invaluable insights about the consumers. While creating a plan, three things should be considered: maintenance of current customers, reaching out to potential customers and acquiring new customers from the competitors.

Scheduling and planning the route.  Once the plan is developed and mapped out, the next step is to determine the amount of time for each customer visit.  Based on proximity, schedule these appointments so that the most effective route is determined from one customer to another.

Delegation. Accurately define and explain the sales territories for which each representative is responsible. While doing so, take into consideration the relationship and sales skills of each rep and try assigning them the sales territories in which they would be likely to achieve the most success.

Implementation and evaluation. finally, after the plan is implemented, it is the time for assessment. Examine the success of planning to know which things worked and which not and what needs to be improved.

The management and organization of sales territories is not an easy nor straightforward task. It is essential to consider which data you are laying the foundation for your sales territories management plan.

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