Managing sales territories is not easy. Sales Managers are often questioning the performance of a sales territory:  Is it producing enough?  Do I have the right sales rep in this territory?  Am I maximizing the available opportunities?  Are these territories the right size to sustain revenue growth?  These questions should all be addressed on a regular basis.  Access to a sales territory mapping software system should help you identify the answers so you can implement results.

GeoMetrx, a web-based sales territory mapping software was developed with these questions in mind.  We have put together a list of best practices to help you navigate your territories toward sustained revenue growth.

Don’t rely solely on spreadsheets.

Data is powerful.  Your own library of data, ie. revenue, client and prospect lists, product sales history, etc., should not be limited to spreadsheets and charts.  You map your territories right?  So you should also map your data.  Proper visualization of your data will identify potential gaps and more importantly, help you find untapped opportunities.  If you own library of data is minimal, not to worry, there are many valuable resources available to help provide insight to your current territory structure.  GeoMetrx can source the most effective data for your sales territory alignment.