Geographic Enterprises sales territory managerSales success is often about mastery of the fundamentals, but it is also concerned with staying ahead of the game. To do that, you need to deploy agile strategies capable of pivoting to new market trends and anticipate innovations and customer needs.

If your sales team is stuck in a rut or is not running at optimal performance, there are a few things you can do as a sales territory manager to shake up the status quo and unlock value and growth potential. Here are four common mistakes and strategies for rectifying them today.

Representatives Lack Appropriate Accountability Metrics

All of your sales representatives need to work from the same standard playbook; otherwise, you will have inconsistent approaches to customer relationship management, among other things. Establishing a code of universal metrics for your staff not only clarifies their tasks but also works as a preventative measure against future failures. You will want to develop a common strategy, a universal set of internal forms and documentation methods, and attach timelines to ensure the orderly flow of work through the organization.

Consider More Robust List Segmentation Strategies

In marketing, it is often said that “talking to an audience of everyone means you’re speaking to no one in particular,” and the same adage goes for email list segmentation. If you aren’t deploying segmentation strategies, you could leave money and value on the table. Consider lists by geographic location, customer demographics, and other appropriate sub-segmentation rules that make sense for your firm. Business mapping software can help make sense out of demographic data.

Your Primary Communication Channel

If you and your team only communicate with one another over email, you might have a problem. However, there are many ways for you and your sales force to stay connected outside of email, including teleconferencing, company message board services like Slack, and even external meetups and networking sessions. Well-connected teams are often more productive than those that are somewhat more disjointed. In addition, an atmosphere of open communication and collaboration has multiple benefits for the broader organization outside of the sales team.

Rigid Rules Regarding Territory Management

Deploying a flexible strategy centered around universally understood metrics will help everyone in your organization achieve company-wide goals because they know the part they play in bringing that into reality. Rigid territory management rules and practices can lead to performers being isolated from the company organization. You shouldn’t be afraid to change how you manage so long as the process is transparent and based on accurate, actionable data. Honing your analytical approach while fusing it with your management style will create a robust, agile atmosphere wherein your reps thrive. Online territory management can keep your sales team cohesive and up to date on all pertinent information.

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