Geometrx sales territoryBusinesses using sales territory mapping can more easily identify area trends, create sales territories, or report sales performance by geography.

ZIP Codes have become more than a string of numbers placed on an envelope to speed up delivery.  Though it was unintended, the use of ZIP Codes in sales and marketing applications, internet technology, data collection and analysis, GIS and more is far reaching.  Delivery companies such as FedEx, UPS and others require USPS ZIP Codes for routing their deliveries, rather than developing their own segmentation systems. ZIP Codes are also used in online applications such as locator software, which returns business and store location results and distances calculated from the lat/long center-points of ZIP Codes.

When a company is identifying their targeted areas, using a map allows for a visual presentation for easier business decision-making.  Companies continuously collect vital information about individual customers to determine their purchasing habits and their lifestyle. As per the result of this widely expanded data mining process, potential customers are revealed within a market. When combined with the information like dates of birth and gender of customers, ZIP codes are powerful enough to identify almost 90% of the people in the USA. For instance, a company needs to know only the date of birth, gender, and a ZIP code to successfully identify an individual buyer persona who lives in a certain area.

To utilize the full effect of incorporating a map overlay to sales territories with state, county, or zip code boundaries, analysts and business leaders can simply click on any territory (such as a specific county) to see a list of all the locations inside that territory shape! This makes it easy to segment customers, optimize sales territories, or identify service areas.

GeoMetrx offers a wide range of data including businesses within zip codes and consumer data to help make educated decisions within sales territories.