Sales Territory Mapping, Call Planning, & Route Optimization

a map of the globe used to perform sales call planning and route optimizationTraveling sales representatives lead busy lives that require strict discipline and the ability to organize their time. Failure to properly plan and optimize sales routes can result in lost sales and a tarnished reputation. When it comes to efficient sales call planning and route optimization, business mapping software can provide a great advantage. Mapping technology gives individuals who perform sales the ability to effectively schedule appointments and create a streamlined route that meets their unique time constraints. Sales teams in all industries can benefit from maintaining a more optimized route backed by a solid sales strategy and you can try this software on a trial basis for free.

Enhance Your Sales Team Decision-Making

Business mapping software has the ability to help sales agents enhance their decision-making. Without proper planning, it can be difficult to determine how to best spend your limited travel time during work hours. Planning and mapping software enables sales reps to more easily focus on the task at hand. Through sales call planning and route optimization, sales reps can reduce their time on the road, as well as travel costs. They can also minimize other disruptions, such as long traffic delays, being late to appointments and not having enough time to spend with clients.

Innovative mapping technology makes it easy for sales teams to plan ahead regardless of their itinerary. By input of important data, such as the addresses of your sales appointments, you quickly can create an easy-to-understand map with fully optimized routes for each sales agent. Business mapping software, with sales, call planning and route optimization, provides sales teams with a competitive edge, reduces employee stress, and allows agents to focus on sales objectives rather than travel hurdles.

Every business and sales team is unique; it is crucial to plan according to your business’s specified needs and requirements. Online business mapping tools can be effectively used to gain insight into a wide variety of information. Learn more about your market by identifying:

  • Your most profitable customers
  • Best locations to expand your business
  • Demographic and geographic markets that offer potential new customers
  • Facts that can help your business achieve maximum performance

Place Greater Emphasis on Your Customers

a sales representative using map data to call new potential customersSustaining growth is not always easy, especially for businesses that sell products that are replenished infrequently and therefore, with less contact. To maintain sales, it is important for businesses to better understand their customers and what they are looking for in a product or service. This can be achieved through a market customer segmentation analysis. A market customer segmentation analysis focuses on better understanding your customers based on certain characteristics, such as behavioral and physical characteristics. With market segmentation, you can divide your customer base into smaller groups based on characteristics like age, personality traits, behavior, and income. There are four types of market segmentation: demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral.

Online business mapping software makes it easier for sales teams to achieve enhanced market customer segmentation analysis by providing a unique view of their customers. With the tools available in the mapping software, you can easily filter out customers based on criteria like location and drive time. With this information, you can better determine where your opportunities are and how likely it is that a certain customer will make a purchase. Mapping software also allows sales teams to better use their resources to develop effective strategies designed to strengthen customer relationships and enhance business messages.

Maximize Travel Time and Work Productivity

For most sales agents, time is a limited resource; less time on the road allows for more time for clients. Strategic travel planning optimizes use of valuable time and enables agents to take advantage of unexpected gaps. With sales call planning and route optimization, sales agents can use this free time to spontaneously drop by clients to form stronger business relationships.

Online business mapping is the perfect option for sales reps who want to travel light and make all their plans directly from their smartphone or computer. This cloud service is accessible anywhere, updated regularly and is continuously tested and monitored for security. Whether you are in the office or on the road, you can make updates to your itinerary, add contact information and notes and make time for important tasks so that you are always up-to-date. Having a powerful platform is the best way to maintain productivity.

Leverage Sales Route Planning Tools and Resources

Sales professionals and delivery businesses can benefit from route optimization software. Having the ability to create a multi-stop route map can save time and help avoid being late for appointments. This affordable software offers a wide range of features, including the following:

a woman with a smartphone showing a globe pattern on it to represent sales call planning

  • Easily plan your sales visits with optimized routing tools
  • Improve stop sequences and outline turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Point out route barriers and other types of areas to avoid during travel
  • Specify the time window and duration of each appointment
  • Import customers and stop locations from your Excel spreadsheets
  • Save and print driving directions and route plans as needed
  • Replace outdated or inferior software, such as Microsoft MapPoint
  • Share maps and routing data with other sales agents

Your customers depend on you to show up for your appointment at the specified time with the products or services they need. This requires you to be prompt, professional and have a clear mind to deliver the information they need. Online mapping software can help ensure that you remain on schedule which results in satisfied customers. In addition, efficient planning can help reduce your stress which allows you to provide your clients with better customer service.

Key Benefits of Online Mapping Software

If you invest a lot of time and resources to meet directly with customers in different territories, mapping software will aid you in the planning process. Planning your sales schedule does not have to be a long and complex process. Modern technology has made it easier than ever to save money and time by leveraging mapping software to boost your productivity. There are many benefits that online mapping technology can deliver to your business and sales team.

One of the biggest benefits of mapping software for those involved in sales and delivery is optimized performance and productivity. Whether you are making local deliveries or traveling out-of-state, having route optimization software can help prevent wasting time or money. Route optimization can also assist sales agents to easily readjust or recalculate routes quickly when needed, such as when a customer cancels an appointment at the last minute. When appointments are appropriately scheduled and you are not wasting time traveling, you are able to spend more time providing clients with superior customer service.

Single standardized routes are no longer efficient as modern sales businesses are reaching out to larger audiences requiring travel to multiple sales territories. As these businesses continue to grow it can be more difficult to keep track of leads, contacts, and routes. Having your route carefully routed with a plan in place assists with accommodating all of your clients. Online mapping software allows sales teams to make these important plans with the help of a vast array of features and online tools.

Using Mapping Software for Sales and Route Optimization

a business executive using mapping software to optimize routes and perform sales call planningOnline mapping is specifically designed to make planning and navigating routes easy and optimized to include a maximum of clients daily. Easily create the ideal routes for days, weeks, or even months ahead. This allows your entire sales team to see what is expected, allowing them to prepare for your business’s future needs. With a detailed map, you also know where you can fit in last-minute meetings or visits to customers.

What makes online mapping technology so effective is that it can be used anywhere. Whether in the office, on the road, or in a hotel room, you can easily bring up the software to look at where you need to go next and when. You can also make adjustments as needed from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device which is a must in this day and age. Once you have optimized your routes, you can easily share this information with coworkers or managers. They can also be saved or printed so that you can easily see them, even if you do not have access to the internet.

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