Imagine your supply chain with end-to-end visibility

  • What if you could reduce idling and downtown by up to 50%?
  • What if you could also reduce item identification time by up to 50%?

Sounds too good to be true, but now these numbers are no longer works of fiction. Our location data tools can help you achieve significant cost savings, likely paying for the cost and time to implementation in a short period of time.

Take Control of Your Supply Chain Today

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Want to realize cost savings for your business? Our software can help you with real-time asset location data which can be integrated with your internal business intelligence (BI) tools.

– Get better data on how forklifts, rolling storage cages, and containers are being used.
– Prevent stock issues, like too much or too little stock and associated costs.
– Provide outstanding service while reducing the amount of time spent guessing on arrival times with location monitoring tools.
– Improve collaborative stakeholder planning and work better as an agile team.

Our location data solution features the following supply chain-related functionality:
– Asset Tracking
– Shipment Visibility
– Positioning
– Routing
– Yards
– Tracking core

More benefits:

  • Easily integrate our location data with your asset tracking and shipping tracking.
  • Use our APIs for integration or use with your hardware and applications.

By integrating our data solution with your ERP/TMS system you can reduce bottlenecks and related costs by around 10%.

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Our HERE Map Data solutions are ready to enhance your supply chain system with outstanding location data and functionality. In addition to internal use by your company or organization, we can help you establish licensing so that your customers can use your software. Even mobile assets can now be tracked efficiently while en route to the next destination.

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