Tax Preparation – A Year-Round Opportunity

Many tax preparation specialists, as well as other tax professionals, offer year-round services including tax debt settlement, tax resolutions, audit assistance, bookkeeping, record keeping, financial advice and consultation, tax education, payroll services and more.

Tax professionals are dedicated to the challenge of keeping up with the tax code and informing their clients of important changes that need to be addressed throughout the year, rather than simply focusing on January 1st through April 15th only. Tax code changes often affect the way individuals and businesses need to operate throughout the year in order to minimize the tax liability they will incur. And as the tax code continues to become increasingly complex, the demand for tax preparation professionals continues to grow as well.

Whether you are interested in opening a sole proprietorship, becoming part of an existing franchise or creating a new franchise, at GeoMetrx we have the tools you need to assess the opportunities, locate the ideal site location, and create, evaluate and align territories. Additionally, we have an exhaustive list of Business Establishment datasets by NAICS code including the one depicted below displaying the concentration of Accounting / Tax Preparation / Bookkeeping and Payroll Services businesses.  Each red dot represents 25 establishments within that geographical region.

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