the sales consultant utilizes the franchise territory mapping software to uncover some leadsStrategic territory mapping is the foundation of a franchise’s ultimate success. Franchise territory mapping delivers a wide range of benefits that aim to unlock the full potential of a company. It is a critical process for sales performance management (SPM) and helps business leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions. Franchise territory mapping software can also save money in the long-term. Failure to utilize franchise territory mapping software can result in a business plan that is not well designed or executed.

Some of the top benefits of franchise territory mapping software include the following:

View Historical Franchise Mapping Datasets

Businesses can learn much about their business by looking at the past. Franchise territory mapping software allows users to view historical franchise mapping datasets with just a few clicks of a button. These historical datasets can be highly advantageous when learning about the progress and performance of a business over time. Historical datasets can also be useful for identifying potential patterns and opportunities for growth. Many businesses use historical franchise mapping datasets to make key decisions for the future of the business.

Divide Franchise Territories In Several Ways

There is no single best way to divide franchise territories; businesses are able to utilize a range of different techniques based on their unique needs and preference. One of the most common ways to divide franchise territories is geographical.; this is the dividing of a territory plan based on geographic location. This method may involve outlining boundaries based on existing criteria, such as states or zip codes.

Another common way to divide franchise territories is based on market demographics. Gather the demographics of the target market and gain a better understanding of the customers that the business serves. Sales data can be used to see which areas have resulted in the highest sales and which areas are being over served and underserved. The franchise territories can then be divided accordingly.

Use As Sales Collateral For Franchisees

sales consultant uses data from franchise territory mapping software to create chartsWhen a franchisee enters into a license agreement with a franchisor and obtains the right to conduct business using the franchisor’s brand name, operating methods, service marks and trademarks, the franchisee is also agreeing to grow the franchise and put it in the best light possible. The use of franchise territory mapping is an important component of a proven business model that should be followed when opening a franchise. This helps ensure that the franchise follows a consistent state of operations under the main company’s brand name.

Allow Multiple Users To Access The Maps At Anytime

Franchise territory mapping software is highly flexible and is often used to improve collaboration across a sales team. Even when sales reps are remotely located, the use of territory mapping software enables team members to gain access to the maps at any time and anywhere. Franchise territory mapping software offers cloud-based mapping solutions that make it easy to access territory maps from any type of internet-enabled device, such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The software can even be accessed by multiple users at the same time.

Import And Customize Map Data

Franchise territory mapping software offers a wide range of tools and features that make it easy to create highly-visual maps that are easy to read and understand. Some of the most useful tools enable users to import and customize map data. Territory mapping software helps to take the guesswork out of sales by ensuring that reps are selling to prospects that have the highest chance of converting, based on local demographics. Every franchise is different and therefore requires mapping tools and features that are tailored to their business and industry which is exactly what franchise territory mapping software can deliver.

Ensure Potential Growth For Franchisees

The main goal of most franchises is to grow and expand, leading to greater profits over time. Franchise territory mapping software can help businesses reach this goal by providing the tools necessary to maximize the company’s efforts. Territory mapping software can help businesses measure their performance with review and reporting features. With data visualization capabilities, franchise territory mapping software can also reveal hidden insights that may not have been previously noticeable with the use of spreadsheets alone. Territory mapping software also promotes organization which allows businesses to more easily delegate work and track employee productiveness.

Speak With The Franchise Territory Mapping Experts

sales manager uses the franchise territory mapping software to visualize sales territoriesOne of the biggest advantages of franchise territory mapping software is that users do not need a costly GIS degree to use it effectively. This technology is very user-friendly and simply requires the data to be imported to achieve nearly instantaneous results. There is no better way to map franchise territories; if data changes, territories can also be modified just as easily. To learn more about the key benefits of franchise territory mapping software or to speak with an experienced territory mapping software expert, reach out to the mapping professionals at Geographic Enterprises today.