Geographic Enterprises online territory mapping softwareMapping sales territories can be a lot of work. Fortunately, online territory mapping software makes the efforts much more straightforward. Still, mapping sales territory is a dynamic process affected by events in the real world. The boundaries and zones of sale territory need to shift and adjust depending on various circumstances. Understanding those needs will help ensure an adaptable sales territory and, thus, satisfied customers and a happy sales department.

Long-Term Strategy

When mapping sales territory, it helps to think long term. While it may seem complicated, considering the needs of past, present, and future clients and salespeople, making a long-term plan will help avoid short-term pitfalls. A long-term strategy needs to incorporate such issues to be viable. In effect, planning for the long term also plans for the short term.

As a result, a long-term plan, or any plan for online territory mapping software, needs to be flexible. Customers may go out of business or move, salespeople might change jobs, or the territory’s infrastructure may require a change in the map, say a new park is built, for example.


To ensure flexible sales territories that meet customers’ and employees’ needs, it’s essential to keep track of the available data to provide accurate maps. Online territory mapping software is an excellent help because it can compile and organize data. This makes interpreting and using data for mapping much easier and more accurate, ensuring that employees in their territories don’t need to compete for sales.

Clear Communication

Proper territory segmenting will help prevent border issues and ensure employees and customers clearly understand sales zones. Ensuring the borders are clearly understood will prevent confusion and potential conflict among salespeople. Still, it is essential to remember that those border regions may shift with the times. Making sure the data is analyzed and understood by everyone involved will help prevent future conflict in the case of border adjustment.

Proper Tools

Online territory mapping software is an excellent tool for ensuring reliable and fair sale zones. Long-term, flexible planning will help ensure borders between zones don’t become points of conflict with salespeople or confusion amongst customers and potential future clients. With the right tools and data, sales zones can be planned, mapped, and organized so that everyone is happy, which means successful sales and reduced conflict in the workplace.

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