Geometrx mapping resourcesA trucking company, or freight company, is one that ships or transports goods, possessions, cargo or belongings from place to place via trucks of various sizes. These companies are divided into domestic (within local districts) and international freight companies. Trucking companies are the single largest component of the logistics industry, and contributed more than 80% of the total freight transportation spending. But despite the fact that it generates an enormous amount of revenue, more than half of the revenue generated goes to covering its costs such as fuel, taxes, and the salaries of the drivers.

Most of these costs arise from the gross inefficiencies inherent in the industry and can be prevented by using mapping technology. Other expenses are related to how the cargo and freight industry has usually functioned.  There are shipping brokers who connect the customer to the suitable cargo carrier and act as a liaison between the two players while getting paid more than 20% in commissions.

U.S. commercial trucks drive 19 billion needless miles each year.

The latest mapping technology provides the most reliable and up-to-date delivery routes by implementing connected car-like telematics and implementing user generated data preferences. This mapping software has millions of points of interests to assist in making thousands of potential routes for each delivery.

Studies suggest a tremendous amount of money is lost every year from drivers sitting in traffic.  Helping drivers avoid congestion would increase productivity and improve safety.  Innovative mapping technologies are even able to include real-time data and forecast variables such as inclement weather and traffic through Wi-Fi, as they quickly connect with the internet. Many companies develop unique mobile apps that flawlessly connect shippers with carriers thus reducing time spent on tracking, covering, and delivering flight.

An efficient transportation system is a key factor in any thriving economy. Big data has helped transportation companies stay on track through increased operational efficiency, improved customer experiences, reduced fuel costs/increased profits, and enhanced service offerings.

GeoMetrx can improve these costs of the shipper and provides them with the best mapping services. Their online mapping software lets customers take business data from excel spreadsheets and converts it into eye-appealing informative imaginings. GeoMetrx provides you with a better visual perspective of your business by offering a unique geography-driven territory mapping service.