Geometrx demographical analysisThe use of big data for boosting brands is gaining popularity. GIS, for example, is utilized to do a demographical analysis of the geographical components of the data. Use of geographic and demographic tools accomplishes many useful things, such as create bands that surround map features, create districts, define influence areas, perform surface analysis and create density grids. The process of overlaying and aggregating data as well as calculating statistical analysis also becomes straightforward and easy with the help of these tools.

The demographical analysis tool asks and answers many relevant questions, such as what is the density of the target population? How many people reside within the certain range of the transit stops?  The use of the geographical and demographic analysis tool, readily answers all these and similar kinds of questions.

The tool can integrate the census statistics for identifying the geographical characteristics which influence the operations of business. It quickly enhances the process of decision making which is positive for the growth of the company.

What functions can it perform?

The geographical and demographic analysis tool can automatically create the rings or buffer bands which surround any map features, then analyzes the characteristics of those regions. It can calculate the number of people that live within a particular distance from the transit stop, calculate demographic characteristics, examine the neighborhood affected by pollution and determines the accessibility to the facilities.

Analysis tools can assist in creating territories based on a table or an excel data sheet. It allows interactive map features through the use of maptitude editing tools. It can also develop overlapping areas based on streets.

Through the demographical analysis tool, areas of influence can be created which helps in estimating the attributes within every area and identify the areas that are under- or over-served.

Another great feature of the tool is its capability of identifying hot spots through heat mapping which makes it easy for the businesses to determine the concentration of customers, vehicles or any other target population.

The surface analysis feature allows a business get a 3D or 2D map of the area. It can help to create a contour map for determining the viewshed of any location whether on a ground level or at any height. The surface analysis can help you in creating data values over a specified geographical region.

In addition to these highlighting features, the geographic and demographic analysis tool can perform many additional functions from which the businesses can immensely benefit.

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