Geometrx best retail locationsNowadays not many people leave home without their smartphone. Our smartphones have become a utility tool, replacing things we used to use such as notebooks, address book, reading books, camera, voice recorder, etc. Smartphones help us keep track of our lives, find our way around the world, and communicate with our family, friends, and business associates.

There is a wealth of information inside our phones.  Smart business people can tap into information in order to improve their decision-making process.

Tapping into mobile data is like digging for gold a hundred years ago. In the Gold Rush heyday, people claimed, “There’s gold in them there mountains.” GeoMetrx’s Geospatial Business Intelligence Consultants say, “There’s gold in those phones.”

Using the precision of mobile device GPS data, GeoMetrx can deliver expert analysis that provides an accurate understanding of retail locations. Since shoppers are likely to have their smartphones with them when shopping, even paying for purchases through their phone, retailers can more accurately identify who those shoppers are and what their buying habits are.

Maximize your business decisions when selecting the best retail location with an innovative solution. If you are interested in learning more about how GeoMetrx can help your business by tracking shopper smartphone data to identify new retail locations or dig deeper into who the shoppers are, call 888-848-4436.