Geographic Enterprises GIS mapping softwareFew issues can interrupt a road trip, travel, or journey like road construction. Whether on highways, state roads, or just the regular surface streets, reducing lanes or bridge closings can create significant slowdowns for any traveler. For those on the road in search of markets and sales, these delays can be incredibly costly. Fortunately, there are resources available for those who want to keep track of road maintenance without just blindly driving into it all the time. You can look up active road construction work on any State’s Department of Transportation website. Still, those sites can be clunky and slow to update.

GIS Mapping Software: Road Maintenance

Another valuable resource to consider is GIS Mapping Software. These programs are great for keeping track of road maintenance and construction. Their use can help improve route mapping and organization to increase speed for those on the road and those fixing them.

Information From Multiple Sites

GIS mapping software consolidates data from multiple sites or programs into a single platform. This platform can create custom maps and routes, increasing productivity and helping workers better plan routes, and is handy for routes that involve multiple road types. Highways are monitored by different resources that look after state roads, county roads, and surface roads, all of which can have various regulations and authorities depending on the location. The consolidation of all these systems into a single program like GIS mapping software helps organize the information, so it’s easy to read and utilize.


GIS software does take some work to customize for various teams and groups. It’s not a simple plug-and-play. The roads need to be tracked and routed, permissions need to be acquired or reviewed, and detours need to be planned. Thanks to the GIS mapping software, all of this can be done digitally and quickly, avoiding paperwork delays and helping to keep everything in one, easy to find location.

Bypass Delays

Road construction and maintenance are important jobs, but they create delays for travelers, and weather creates delays for workers. GIS mapping software can make it easier to stay on time and ensure a safe and hassle-free work environment for everyone. By understanding the roads in an area, sellers and marketers can better understand their territories, while the workers can ensure faster, more reliable detours and job completion.

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