Geographics Enterprises GIS mapping softwareGeographic Information System (GIS) technology has noticeably enhanced the road work and maintenance industry. Before that, there was no specific information. Statistics about road work maintenance were challenging to plan budgets, operate teams, manage work orders, etc. GIS mapping software today helps you obtain data from different systems into a single, easy-to-use platform. It allows you to plan, manage, and maintain the road infrastructure, saving time and money.

What is GIS Mapping Software?

GIS mapping software collects all the information you need regarding the road work and maintenance in an area on a map and shows everything all at once. For example, the software can visually show you the number of roads, bridges, culverts, road signs, crossroads, damaged signs, potholes, removed trees, renewed pavements, and a lot of other information on a map in one look.

Online GIS mapping software can store different spatial data types and information in countless thematic layers and represent them with custom symbology. Moreover, all the data is interconnected and has geo-locations to help you quickly find it on an interactive map.

Challenges and Advantages

Your team may face several challenges when working on a road maintenance project. Collecting the data, inspecting, and maintaining the road damage must be taken care of in a limited timeframe with available permissions. It is also crucial to have clear communication and reduce unnecessary paperwork. Moreover, the field crew needs to know the answer to their question quickly and accurately.

That is where GIS mapping technology in mobile applications can replace messy paper forms and help the field crew communicate clearly and act as fast as possible.

For example, suppose that the field crew has challenges with landowners, public inspection, permissions, and similar things. In such a case, the office managers can set up everything online and sync it in real-time on the mobile devices of all members of the field crew.

On the other hand, the workers can also create custom work forms for any project in the application. There, you can have them collect the data you need in the app with ease, including pothole sizes, condition of roads, maintenance actions, road surface, bike lanes, maintained bridges, and many more.

You can also set your field form as required, dependent (conditional), or persistent to increase the speed of data collection and eliminate errors. The best part is that the software can also work offline, so you will not need to worry about the Internet connection in some areas.

With the help of GIS technology, you will eliminate all the paper-based workflow and have an up-to-date and accurate information database accessible from any device in real time. In addition, you will be able to supervise, edit, and maintain the data immediately, having everything you need on an interactive map, thanks to the increased team effectiveness and clear communication.

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