Geographic Enterprises sales territory mappingRunning a business may feel challenging right now, with the many restrictions the pandemic has thrust upon us, but do not let that stop a successful sales plan. Business owners can optimize sales so that their business thrives. How? Through a sales territory mapping manager. Here’s how to better manage the remote workplace using a sales territory map.

Sales Territory Mapping: Managing in the Pandemic

Amend Segments in Whitespaces

A sales territory mapping manager can first and foremost help one’s business amend segments for the best sales optimization. As some businesses focus on outward expansion on a medium or multinational scale, it may be beneficial to reconsider looking toward whitespaces. Whitespaces in sales are the gaps between what products or services customers already have and the additional products or services that a company or business offers. These spaces are typically seen as dormant or unused customer call zones and can be utilized for more robust sales optimization during these difficult times.

With face-to-face meetings and travel now reserved for the most critical customers, sales reps now have more time to consider these untapped areas. An expert professional can help clients better align these territories and locations based on their business practices. As a result, managers can select the most promising sites and target sales to the most significant demand in that area.

Balance Opportunity with Workload

Sales resources cannot be spread everywhere, so balancing opportunity with the workload is best to optimize one’s business sales. Recruiting sales workers from other locations can also assist with this balance. These territories work best for sales and other service personnel by starting small and building up. For example, start with zip codes. After that, one can create smaller territories into larger sales optimization zones depending on the organization’s structure.

Geographic Enterprises

Does your business need help planning or optimizing your sales territory? Geographic Enterprises provides custom mapping services bringing immediate solutions for managers. We pair the best quality mapping services delivering the tools that allow a now-remote sales business to thrive. Here, reps will meet business objectives and offer an easy-to-read visualization of the eventual sales optimization. Contact us today to learn more and book a free demo consultation. Call us at 888-848-4436.