sales territory mapping software has tools that display data based on that type of dataSales territory mapping software makes it easy to identify and assign specific areas on a map to members of a sales team. With built-in geolocation data and countless other features and functionalities, this specialized software has the power to measure performance, boost sales, delegate work more efficiently and save sales reps time by cutting down on travel. By using sales territory mapping software, businesses can also filter territories based on a wide range of metrics.

Filtering Territories with Sales Territory Mapping Software

Sales territory mapping software enables sales teams to focus on their strongest local markets. Sales teams are able to organize their sales maps by state, county, city, zip code or region, allowing reps to filter territories and find the information they need to generate leads and close sales. These innovative tools and functions also allow sales teams to better control sales expenses and marketing.

Territories developed with sales territory mapping can be easily filtered based on a variety of metrics and demographics, such as the following:


Demographic mapping helps businesses gain a better understanding of their target audience based on specific demographics, such as household income, population and other economic data. With demographic mapping software, sales teams can create color-coded maps that highlight important data trends. Businesses can also easily import business data, such as customers and sales.

When business data is compared to demographics, sales teams can uncover potential market opportunities. Demographic mapping can also be useful when businesses are searching for locations to place new stores for expansion. Demographics data can even be exported for use in other sales and marketing programs.


sales territory mapping can be used to provide analysis of the data collected on the sales territoriesFiltering territories by population is a great idea for sales teams who want a broad look at local territories or startups who have minimal customer data. Depending on the size of the sales map, it may be appropriate to conduct a U.S.-wide analysis of Census population by state using data available in Census demographics. States can then be subtracted or added based on the unique needs of the sales team.

Sales territory mapping software also allows for maps or territories to be color-coded to make it easy to see different population ranges on the map. Clicking on each individual region can provide more in-depth information about the population and other relevant data.

Household Income

Sales territory maps can also be filtered by household income. Certain products are aimed towards customers and prospects within certain income ranges. For example, a business may sell a product targeted at individuals that earn more than $75,000 per year. Creating a sales territory map with household incomes can help increase sales by targeting sales to individuals that qualify. Sales territory mapping software offers simple features that allow sales teams to input household income data in a way that is easy to see on a map.

ZIP Code Mapping

Sales territories can also be created by various alignment layers, such as ZIP codes. Businesses can input dozens or even hundreds of zip codes by entering the numeric ranges. Sales territory mapping software also offers useful tools like the lasso tool that allows sales teams to create custom areas based on an alignment scope set to ZIP codes. When using the lasso tool, users will be able to see a map query based on the data found within the lassoed section. The ease of sales territory mapping software also allows for ZIP codes to be added or removed as a business grows and expands.

Radius Mapping

Another common way to filter territories with sales territory mapping software is by radius. Filtering data by radius can be useful when a sales team only wants to see data in a particular area. For example, if a dataset containing a thousand field asset records was imported to a map but the sales team only wants records located within a 30-mile radius of a specified address to show, search results can be filtered to see this data. Radius mapping makes it simple to isolate a single territory with just a few clicks of a button. Like all sales territory maps, radius mapping can also be shared for improved collaboration between team members.

Reach Out to an Experienced Mapping Software Company

sales territory mapping software has tools to simplify data for the userSales territory mapping provides sales teams with a deeper understanding of their customers, sales performance and resources. A territory map allows sales reps to better visualize their sales activities which can lead to optimized performance. When territories are filtered by demographics, population, household income, ZIP codes or radius, it can open up new opportunities for businesses.

The right sales territory mapping software can take a business to the next level by providing the features and functionalities needed to create highly visual maps. For more information or to speak with an experienced mapping professional, contact Geographic Enterprises today.