Geographic Enterprises online mapping softwareIf you’ve heard of geolocation services, you may think they are complicated and only understood by professionals. But, in truth, they are a standard process used daily by people with smartphones. This article will explain precisely what geolocation services are and how they work on a browser.

Online Mapping Software: Geolocation Basics

The concept behind geolocation is simple and is something you encounter daily. Geolocation is simply the geographical location of a device with an internet connection. That’s right – geolocation is at work whenever you use the map or GPS app on your phone.

By keeping in-time track of your phone’s location, such programs can map out where you need to go next to reach your destination. Without it, your map app would be more like a series of directions rather than a live display of where you are and where you’re going. In short, online mapping software requires geolocation services to help you get where you need to be.

Additionally, you’ve also used geolocation services on your browser. Even on a computer or phone browser, geolocation will show the addresses of places you want to go. For example, if you’ve ever searched the address for a nearby store or restaurant, you’ve seen geolocation services at work.

Geolocation and Marketing

There are three ways to use geolocation in your marketing strategy:

Geotargeting. This method uses the IP address of a customer’s web browser. It doesn’t allow precision targeting because it can’t pinpoint the audience’s location precisely. It is best used for marketing to general regions or cities.

Geofencing. This method is more exact than geotargeting because Geofencing uses a mobile device’s GPS location instead of an IP address. As a result, you can track your customers’ locations even when they move around. It allows you to target specific neighborhoods or streets along with entire towns or cities. It is excellent for attracting foot traffic.

Beacons. These are the most specific options used in geolocation marketing. You place a small device inside or near your business that picks up smartphone data via Bluetooth signals. Beacons are ideal for places with poor WiFi reception because they require close communication. In addition, they allow you to send messages or special offers to customers in range of the beacon.

Geolocation services are utilized as a form of targeted marketing. For example, you can find target demographics and where they are most likely to shop by geographical location. They can also be used to promote your business or service.

Geographic Enterprises

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