Business sales team are having a discussion. Industry mapping conceptBusinesses in certain industries use sales territory maps to define sales territories, analyze sales performance, optimize routes and drive higher sales. While businesses in nearly any industry can benefit from the use of sales territory maps, some industries find mapping resources especially useful.

What Is Sales Territory Mapping?

Sales territory mapping is a critical component of managing a field sales team. These maps are designed to clearly diagram all targets and resources allowing sales managers to prioritize and create strategic plans that align with business goals. Sales territory mapping also aids in the creation of fair and balanced territories, increasing employee morale and ensuring all prospects and clients receive the attention they deserve. This system of distribution and its client focused attention promotes an increased rate of sales.

Industries that Benefit Most from Sales Territory Mapping

Many industries benefit from the use of sales territory maps, and each industry has a different use for sales territory mapping, but the software Some of the most common industries now utilizing sales territory mapping software for the creation of sales territory maps include the following:

Automotive Industry

Sales territory mapping is commonly used by businesses in the automotive industry that wish to identify and manage their clients and territories. A sales territory map helps sales teams identify where their customers and leads are located, as well as discover sales patterns which provide insight about the target demographic. Sales patterns are able to identify which types of vehicles are sold most often and what type of people are most likely to purchase certain types of cars. Sales territory mapping provides businesses with the information they need in order to learn how to stock their inventory.

Finance Industry

Business strategy concept. Sales territory mapping helps businesses effectively manage their sales zonesThe finance industry includes a variety of business types relying heavily on sales for success, such as banking. Sales territory mapping helps these businesses effectively manage their sales zones, track customers and determine which areas are most likely to provide results. A sales territory map is also useful for organizing sales data and customer demographics. Many businesses in the finance industry find success by using color-coded maps that easily show different sales zones which are further broken down into subcategories. Using this information, businesses are able to make strategic decisions regarding sales planning.

Franchise Industry

Building a franchise requires a dedicated and involved strategy; sales territory mapping is able to simplify the process by providing business owners with access to a wide range of tools and resources for accelerated growth. Businesses in the franchise industry may use sales territory mapping software to identify areas that are best suited to open additional franchises based on many demographic factors. It can also be used to locate existing franchises and analyze current sales performance. Using the mapping software to organize data more effectively, makes it easier to track performance and identify new opportunities for growing the franchise.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry benefits significantly from sales territory mapping. It is crucial to have a firm understanding of sales zones when selling healthcare products. Sales reps must become acquainted with their routes and fully understand what their customers expect from a product. Sales territory mapping software enables businesses in the healthcare industry to easily organize this data in a single resource. Sales territory mapping also allows businesses to make the most of their sales routes by optimizing routes and recognizing alternative routes more suitable for team members.

Insurance Industry

Sales territory mapping plays a critical role in the strategic planning process for businesses in the insurance industry. Data obtained from sales territory mapping helps these businesses determine which areas are performing very well and which require more attention. This data is also used to understand in which aspects the business is doing well and ways that the business may expand its reach. The insurance industry is constantly growing and sales territory mapping easily facilitates that growth process. Information collected through sales territory mapping allows businesses to determine when they are ready to grow with confidence in their decision.

Technology Industry

Team of business people are having discussion. Sales territory mapping conceptSales territory mapping supports businesses in the technology industry to operate better internally while presenting opportunities for growth. If a business has sales routes, sales territory mapping can be used to optimize these routes to allow sales reps to visit the highest number of clients possible in a day in the most cost-effective manner.

Get Started with Sales Territory Mapping Software

Today, many businesses use territories to better organize their sales team’s activities and manage data relating to clients, prospects and competitors. For more information about what industries benefit most from sales territory mapping or to acquire this software for a business, speak with the experienced sales territory mapping experts at Geographic Enterprises today.