Geographic Enterprises online mapping softwareWhen planning your marketing and advertising strategy, ensuring you get the most investment return is paramount. No company wants to waste valuable time, money, and resources on marketing to people who don’t fall into their target demographic and locale. Using sales territory online mapping software will help you efficiently target geographic areas that contain your target customers. This information will lead to better conversion rates and improved sales performance for your company.

What is a Heat Map?

A heat map is a graphical representation of data where values are depicted by color. This visual helps the viewer understand the data and quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

Sales Software Mapping

Sales territory mapping software gives you a visual analysis of big data, which can help you with your territory planning by looking at your customers’ behavior. For example, a customer heat map can show you where your target clients are located, where they shop, how they shop and what other products and companies they use.

This map will help to guide you in future marketing choices by showing you which marketing channels to use, which locations to target, and what types of advertising are likely to see the best results.

Customer Heat Mapping Websites & Software Track Performance

You can set your online mapping software to visually represent all the data you need to know and your sales and brand awareness targets to plan your marketing strategy. And you can continue to use the sales maps to measure your performance, see where your efforts are paying off and what advertising campaigns may need to be adjusted.

As your marketing efforts progress, you and your sales managers will be able to integrate your sales territory mapping into your strategic analysis to shape and inform all your advertising decisions in the future.

What Data is Shown on Your Mapping

Online mapping software can provide an up-to-date visual representation of your customer sales, location, zip codes, product use, financial data, shopping habits, and your company’s current sales conversion rates. Rather than refer to spreadsheets or detailed reports, you can see all the data you need represented all at once on an easy-to-read colored heat map.

If you are trying to decide the best place to position your new store, you can refer to your heat map to see areas that contain many of your target customer demographic or areas already saturated with competitor stores.

How Do You Get Started with Customer Online Mapping Software?

When you sign up for sales territory mapping services from a heat mapping website, you upload your location to the site, the data you need, and the types of heat maps you desire. You’ll soon be presented with a customer heat map that will tell you precisely what you want to know.

Geographic Enterprises

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