Geo-marketing is the incorporation of geographical knowledge into different features of marketing. It is the usage of digital mapping for organizing and displaying primary and secondary data including sales and distribution for reviewing and decision-making. The digital maps are designed to analyze data by geographical region and particular physical location. It is a very powerful and capable marketing approach that can be used anywhere for anywhere.

Geo-marketing Research Tools

Geo-marketing research is about using geographical parameters and other tools for collecting data, sampling, analyzing and presenting it onward. Geographical analyzing services include searching route, territorial mapping, and selecting the site or exact place.

The primary purpose of geo-marketing is to plan and implement marketing activities of products, promotion, price, and sales. It is proved very useful in targeting markets and financial sector. It performs the task by first identifying ATMs traffic generators and creative hotspots maps that have a set of geographical parameters. These parameters combine with customer behavior for evaluating and generating results.

This approach is famous in modern trade for the reformation of retail types. The efficiency of geo-marketing is determined by its features of giving service in less time with minimum spending. The tools geo-marketing uses to track the exact position of traveling customer are data, a base map, appropriate data layers, customer’s profile and criteria methodology.

Geo-marketing Software

The software connects a geographical area and close by social events to the location of the customer.

The tracking tool tracks a customer’s IP address, credit card, and VOIP address and then links it to a digital map. It gives the information by locating a web customer’s computer on a digital map. It analyzes information for the area and makes a selection from within a specified radius of a point. Micro-geographical segmentation chooses customers of the same type in other parts of the country.

For example, FedEx website gives access to users to their country site and other content related to it. Personal information is automated with the help of different content available through geo-marketing and internet marketing. Other applications solve problems related to the location of markets and evaluate customer’s preferences to generate sales territory. The software provides research about shopping patterns of customers to improve planning.

It also works with retail chain stores in the sales industry and renewable energy, among others. In other words, Geo-marketing expands the business by finding new opportunities and running campaigns. No matter if it is real estate or renewable energy, any products and rate of customers can be evaluated through geo-marketing.

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