GIS World Map Conceptual White BackgroundA geographic information system (GIS) is a framework used to capture, store, analyze, alter, manage and share all types of geographical data. The term geographic means that all or some of the data is spatial in nature.

The mapping technology uses data attached to a unique location, making it a great tool for resource management, biology, earth sciences and various other fields.

Businesses also use GIS mapping for many purposes. Learn how organizations can leverage GIS mapping in their everyday decision-making.

Create Maps

One of the most common uses of GIS technology relates to map-making. GIS can provide business leaders with a visual representation of data that is easily understood.

With GIS maps, businesses can gain a more in-depth look at a particular spot on a map. For example, GIS may provide information about where cellular service is strongest, how many schools are within one mile, how walkable the neighborhood is or where there are areas of high crime in a town or city.

Analyze Hot Spots

GIS mapping can also be useful for identifying locations that are prone to accidents or other problems. Data intelligence can provide the information needed to pinpoint areas that require improved road safety measures. This technology also aids government agencies in achieving better traffic management.

Resolve Transportation Issues

Transportation continues to be a problem, even in highly developed areas of the U.S. GIS data can be useful for helping businesses resolve transportation challenges using topical and environmental data within the GIS platform.

Using this information, companies can plan for new modes of transportation in a particular area, or new routes including rail and road.

Conduct Surveying

Surveying is performed to determine the position of objects by measuring distances and angles. This elevation can then be used to create vectors, coordinates, bearings, areas, elevations, plans, volumes or maps.

The Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is often used for this purpose. When data is incorporated into a GIS system, digital maps can be easily estimated and prepared.

Manage Irrigation Water

Irrigation is the process of administering controlled amounts of water to land that will help with the growth of crops.

Evaluation Map of TerritoryIn addition to aiding in the growth of agricultural crops, irrigation can also assist in the maintenance of landscapes and revegetate soil in dry areas during periods of low rainfall.

The availability of water is crucial for many businesses within the farming industry and without it, crops will suffer.

GIS mapping can be successfully used for irrigation water management and help identify periods of significant crops and help determine yield.

Control Pests

In the same way that water is essential for agriculture, pests can have the opposite effect. Problems such as pest infestations can negatively impact a business and result in a drop in crops and profits.

GIS mapping plays an important role in determining where these infested areas are located in order for them to be avoided. With this information, companies can also develop effective pest management plans to effectively address similar issues in the future.

Enhance Banking Services

Although GIS mapping is useful in nearly any industry, the banking industry in particular can greatly benefit from using this technology.

Banking is considered to be a market-driven sector depending greatly on customer-driven services. The use of GIS data can aid in organizing, planning and decision-making in all areas of banking.

Navigate Using Maps

Today, finding places of interest has never been easier. Businesses have access to web-based navigation maps that use GIS data to help guide people to the places they want to go.

This can be useful in many areas of business, such as when employees must deliver supplies and need to find the fastest and most efficient route possible to save time and money.

Aid in Urban Planning

Urban planning is the process of optimizing the use of a community’s land, such as a city or town’s infrastructure, policies, neighborhoods, regulations or building codes.

GIS data can be used to analyze urban growth and foresee the direction of expansion. It can also be useful for identifying new sites for further business development.

Protect the Environment

Elevation map in UkraineThere are few things more important than protecting the environment. This is why many businesses use GIS mapping technology to gather the data needed to effectively conserve natural resources and protect the environment against damaging factors. GIS can be used to create impact statements that show the effect humans have on the environment.

Speak with the GIS Mapping Experts

Geographic information systems is a constantly evolving technology that can be used in many ways to drive business growth.

The use of innovative GIS mapping software makes it fast and easy for companies to input, store or manipulate data to help them make important decisions.

To learn more about GIS mapping or to speak with an experienced geographic information mapping professional, contact Geographic Enterprises online today.