GIS map developersHave you ever noticed that it is easier to absorb information when presented in a visually-engaging manner, such as a chart or map? This because, as humans, we are able to recognize and visualize patterns easier when it is in an easily-digestible form rather than pages of written data. GIS mapping allows us to visualize patterns, or more specifically, data. A geographic information system (GIS) is a system that is designed to capture, store, analyze, manipulate, and present various types of geographical data. The data provided by GIS can then be used to create strategic business maps for sales routes, franchise territories and more.

GIS Mapping Options

GIS mapping offers a number of key benefits to businesses, including the ability to easily find answers to questions regarding location data. The visualizations that appear in the form of maps allows businesses to see and share information that may not be easily understood from written data alone. Here is a closer look at some most common GIS mapping options.

    • Heat Map — Heat maps are typically used in territories where the location data is highly dense, making it difficult to achieve proper visuals. When mapping points, heat maps are commonly used.


    • Category Map — This the most common type of GIS map and the easiest to create. The category map allows you to visualize which category each location on a map belongs to. For example, you may create a map that separates each territory by dealers.


    • Quantity Map — A quantity map, also known as a choropleth map, identifies trends and patterns based on location. This type of map is often used for demographics mapping and business analysis. For example, you may create a map that is color-coded based on the number of sales made, with higher-sale territories being a darker color.


    • Bubble Map — Also referred to as a graduated marker map, a bubble map works similarly to a quantity map but uses various size bubbles instead of colors to show differences. For example, territories that have more sales will be represented with larger bubbles.


  • Cluster Map — Cluster maps are similar to heat maps and use point layers that have many features. However, this type of map clusters nearby points together to create a single point. This usually achieved with a combination of sizes, colors, or labels.

Mapping Software Solutions

gis data on mapping software
Many businesses in need of professional mapping services seek out quality business mapping software. At Geographic Enterprises, you will find a variety of mapping software solutions that help marketing organizations, sales companies, and franchises acquire the tools they need to leverage geographic business intelligence through the creation of comprehensive business maps.

Map Visualizations

Geographic Enterprises offers a variety of mapping software solutions to businesses in all industries, both big and small. From sales territory mapping to business intelligence web-based services, GE is a leader in support solutions. With help from Geographic Enterprises, you can gain access to sales territory mapping that uses hierarchical support for different divisions and regions, as well as easy customer map visualizations.

Demographics & Listings

Other GIS mapping solutions include access to demographic data and business listings via geographic and industry searches, optimized routing and sales planning tools, and CRM integration with advanced features. Geographic Enterprises also offers mapping services at an affordable price, making these solutions a cost-effective way to replace old or outdated mapping software.

Franchise Mapping

Territory mapping solutions can be useful for showing business franchise offerings and their value within a certain area. These solutions can also be used to share information and maps about certain territories to internal staff and possible franchise buyers. GIS mapping can also be used to automatically generate and adjust territory boundaries based on franchise territory agreements. With these solutions, it is easy to update territory boundaries from time-to-time to keep all parties on the same page.

Custom Maps

Mapping software from Geographic Enterprises is also easy to use and offers a wide range of features. Website maps can be easily created and updated, as well as shared with other people with a few clicks of a button. In addition, the maps can be printed in large sizes to make it easy to see and visualize the various territories and the unique data that you want to portray. You can easily create custom, high-resolution, large format maps and receive them as soon as the very next day.

Learn More About GIS

business owners making a map that will become digital through GIS mapping softwareWhat is GIS? This a common question asked by those who are fairly new to the industry. As GIS is a broad term, narrowing down an exact definition is not easy. In simple terms, a geographic information system is a type of computer system that is used to capture, check, and display relevant data relating to positions on the surface of the Earth.

If your business could benefit from the visualization of geographically-referenced information, mapping software solutions from Geographic Enterprises can help. For more information about GIS or for assistance with GIS mapping options, contact the experts at Geographic Enterprises. You can reach us by phone at (888) 848-4436, or by sending in a contact form online.