Geographic Enterprises sales territory mappingPlanning marketing routes and making sure those routes are the best possible are two very different tasks. Both need to be carefully planned and executed to ensure proper sales territory mapping and plotting. However, knowing the differences is vital to ensure route planning and optimization are adequately taken into account.

Sales Territory Mapping: Route Planning

Route planning is, somewhat obviously, planning the route to be taken. The course has a start-point and endpoint and possibly other stops based on the needs of the area, the product, and the company. Route planning is a big part of sales territory mapping because it involves carefully ensuring every team member has a fair shake at meeting their sales goals and quotas. However, crossing and mixing routes can create friction in the company.

Route Optimization

Route optimization ensures that time on the road is minimized and time spent with potential or current sales maximized. This one aspect is crucial to reducing travel costs. In densely populated areas, it means fewer turns and less time in traffic. In sparser regions, it means less time between sales pockets.


To properly plan a sales route, the route should be optimized. That’s why planning and optimization are so important and yet so distinct. Optimization is excellent for reducing costs and helping office teams coordinate sales routes. It also benefits the logistics teams with less clutter in their data, which means more accurate reports and improved productivity. On the other hand, route planning is intended to boost sales and help the sales team have more time facing customers and clients and less time in the car.

Use Both for Best Results

Though the two are very closely linked, they are distinct. They also, while benefiting the sales team overall, have their boons to different groups. The office team won’t care too much about route planning, but the sales team will. The sales team will also care about optimization, but it’s also great for the rest of the company. Together, route planning and route optimization will ensure the best possible sales territory mapping. Properly planned and optimized routes mean a happier and more productive sales team, reduced expenses, more time with potential and new customers, and better revenue for the company. Both are good for the company, whether it be the office teams or the sales team.

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