Sales executives having discussion on their sales performance. Business mapping software has become an essential toolBusiness mapping software has become an essential tool in nearly every industry. This emerging technology has proven to be an invaluable resource for organizations looking for new ways to enhance team collaboration, organize business data and improve overall sales performance. However, not all mapping software is the same; there are certain points to consider before investing in any type of business mapping software.

What You Should Do Before Purchasing Business Mapping Software

Before the creation of business mapping software, enterprises were forced to map important data manually. This endeavor took a considerable amount of time and making changes after the fact was challenging. Business mapping software changed the game by enabling businesses to import data and create interactive maps within a matter of minutes.
When shopping for business mapping software, there are important factors that every organization should know.

Understand Your Mapping Goals & Objectives

Every business is different and therefore uses business mapping software in different ways. When comparing software options, it is important to consider the intended purpose of the software. Mapping entails more than just creating boundaries, it also involves plotting spreadsheet data that is relevant to specific locations, as well as routing for sales team members and delivery trucks. Keep this in mind when choosing software.

Determine Your Budget for the Software

Woman determining budget to buy mapping softwareWhile a business’s budget should not be the leading factor when deciding to buy mapping software, it may be a factor in the decision. Most businesses have a fixed budget making it important to find software within the allotted price range. Fortunately, businesses today can gain access to premium mapping software with the best tools for an affordable price.

Decide Between Local or Cloud-Based Software

One of the biggest decisions a business will need to make when buying business mapping software is deciding between local and cloud-based software. Both options have specific benefits and can be a useful addition to any business strategy. What makes cloud-based software unique is that it allows users to access applications that run on shared computing resources, enhancing collaboration between team members.

Consider the Audience You Want to Target

Another important factor to consider before buying business mapping software is the target audience. Maps are only useful if they are fully and effectively used. Consider where and how the target audience will interact with the map to avoid wasted resources.

How to Select the Right Business Mapping Software

Mapping software can be an excellent business solution that integrates geolocation with sales data to provide organizations with greater insight. However, selecting software is not always easy, especially when a business does not know what to look for in a piece of software. When comparing mapping software, consider the following tips:

Find Software that Your Sales Team Will Know How to Use

While choosing software that offers a wide range of tools and features can sometimes be useful, complex software can be difficult to learn and understand. When comparing business mapping software, choose an option that the sales team will be able to use or requires minimal training.

Look for Companies with Good Customer Support

Finding a software company that offers an adequate level of support is not always easy. If there is an aspect of the software that a sales team does not understand or requires assistance with, it is important to have access to a wide range of support materials or customer service representatives who can provide clarity.

Compare Your Budget to the Software Costs

Cost of business mapping software conceptThe cost of business mapping software is not always what it seems. For example, businesses that opt for desktop software may find that they actually lose money in the long-run as the software immediately begins going out-of-date shortly after installation. Some business mapping companies also charge based on each individual user which leads to extra fees. Consider the overall cost of software before making a decision to ensure that it aligns with the company budget.

Ensure the Software’s Capabilities Fit Your Needs

Today, businesses will find mapping software that is capable of many tasks; however, a piece of software is only deemed useful by a particular organization if it fits their unique needs. Consider what type of functionalities the software is able to perform, such as radius mapping, zip code mapping, heat mapping, or color-coded mapping. It is important to consider not only the business’s current needs but possible future needs.

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