Sales mapping promotes efficient collaborationIs your business trying to make a decision regarding your next retail location? Or perhaps your sales team needs to find better ways to collaborate? When it comes to the planning and organization of sales, sales mapping can be a valuable tool providing businesses with a wide range of benefits.

An estimated 50% of sales time is wasted by unproductive prospecting. To maintain peak efficiency and grow your business, it is important to leverage the right technology. Sales mapping promotes efficient collaboration between sales managers and their team. Online mapping software can also drive sales performance by allowing for more efficient planning.

Benefits of Sales Mapping

Sales mapping uses unseen insights and patterns to maximize sales coverage and ensure that top-priority prospects and customers are receiving the attention that they deserve. Using sales maps to improve your business is easily done by importing data from a spreadsheet. The program will segment and filter information, creating reports that you can use to analyze territories and determine your level of performance. With optimized use, sales territory mapping measures performance, boosts sales, saves time, and allows you to delegate work more effectively.

Here is a closer look at some top benefits of sales mapping for businesses.

Helps to Measure Performance Load

Sales Mapping Helps to Measure Performance LoadPages of data on a spreadsheet can be hard to visualize; by uploading to a territory map, the information can be seen in a whole new way. Sales mapping is an efficient way to measure performance load by taking advantage of useful analytical tools.

Once spreadsheets are uploaded to mapping software, data can be effectively plotted to provide sales teams with a more consolidated look at their performance. Individual sales members can also generate their own reports to determine their performance based on set quotas and targets. These reports can be easily shared with other sales team members and managers as needed.

Balance Work Easily

Clear organization creates a balance of work and responsibilities. You may find that some sales team members are taking on more work than others, resulting in an imbalance of duties.

Managers can oversee all territories and ensure that the work distribution is fair and that each member of the team is performing his or her responsibilities. Essential information is neatly organized on a map, allowing national sales managers to view territories throughout the country to ensure that work is being properly delegated.

With sales mapping software, each member of a sales team can easily see the territories for which they are responsible.

Saves Time & Resources

Sales mapping is effective in saving both time and resourcesSales mapping is effective in saving both time and resources for businesses. It takes a few moments to turn hard-to-read business data into an organized map that can be easily read and shared with others. Online territory maps can also be accessed anywhere and from any internet-enabled device. Whether at home with a laptop or in the car with a smartphone, sales members can bring up this important information when they need it most.

Allows for Better Collaboration

Collaborating efficiently can be challenging when sales members are constantly on the go or working remotely. Sales mapping technology boosts collaboration and promotes an environment where sales members and their managers can work together to achieve the same goals and objectives.

Sales maps are internet-based and can be updated and modified in real time. This allows each member of the sales team to see data as it is uploaded to ensure that everyone stays on task and avoids disruptions. For example, if a customer cancels a sales visit at the last minute, the map can be updated to show this cancellation and prompts the sales team member to skip to the next nearest customer.

Work with Mapping Resources

Sales territory mapping gives sales teams a visual representation of territories from any internet-enabled device in real time. Using this data, sales teams can save time, collaborate more effectively, preserve resources, and measure performance load more easily. Advancements in technology eliminate the need to map territories by hand. Online mapping technology makes it easy to create balanced territories to increase profits and prevent territory wars among sales representatives. For more information about sales mapping or to acquire mapping software for your business, contact Mapping Resources today.