sales territory mapping software is valuable as a startup expandsAn effective sales territory map has the power to improve the efficiency and performance of an entire sales team. With sales territory mapping software, sales managers can evenly assign sales reps to the territory where they have the opportunity to generate leads and close sales.

While all businesses involved in sales can benefit from the use of sales territory mapping software, startups often find mapping software to be highly advantageous.

Benefits Of Sales Territory Mapping Software For Startups

Startups may not have the experience or knowledge base of businesses that have been involved in sales for many years. To help grow their company, many new business owners rely on innovative technology like sales territory mapping software. Sales territory mapping software can help streamline operations by enabling sales managers to easily segment customers, increase the efficiency of routes, and improve the overall sales process.

Sales territory mapping software helps businesses reach their goals faster by measuring performance over time. Some top benefits of mapping software for startups include the following:

Ability To Segment Customers

Sales territory mapping software makes it easy for businesses to segment customers. There are several main ways to accomplish this, such as through purchase history or location-based customer segmentation. Customers can also be segmented by demographics including age, income, household type, occupation, and similar characteristics.

When segmenting customers, it is important to consider information about customers, such as what they are buying, what events lead to customers not making a purchase, and the team’s conversion rate. Startups gain a concise visual when this type of data is uploaded to a sales territory map.

Increased Efficiency For Routes

Creating efficient routes can save sales reps time and prevent profit losses. Sales route optimization looks at several important factors, such as the distance from one location to the next, to develop territories that maximize driving time.

Creating optimized routes can help a sales team maintain productivity and get more work done in a shorter amount of time. The optimized routes are easily created and then shared with all sales reps leaving extra time in the workday to be used for other core duties.

Clear Objectives Through Data

sales territory mapping software is a great tool startups can use to gain insights on their operationsSales data is a highly valuable asset, especially for new startups. Data can be used by new businesses to establish clear objectives for growing a business and uncover areas that are underserved. Knowing this information allows for adjustments to the territory map creating a more even map that covers all areas.

Sales mapping territory data is also used to find new opportunities. Tracking customers by location, income, and other criteria allows sales managers to develop new strategies for finding prospects and generating sales.

Ability To Improve Sales Processes

Startups often use mapping software to improve their sales processes. Sales territory mapping involves the development of strategies for each individual territory. Sales managers must ensure that there are enough reps to cover all territories evenly and that the unique skill set of each rep matches the territories in which they are assigned.

In addition to creating strategies for each territory, businesses should also develop customized plans for the demographics in each location. Sales territory mapping software that offers innovative features, such as dynamic mapping that shows hot and cold opportunities, can greatly improve sales processes.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important component of any sales territory mapping process. Businesses that take the time to set tangible goals and defined parameters often have greater success. However, it is necessary to measure and track those goals to ensure that progress is being made over time.

During goal-setting, take note of which geographic regions the team should focus on, where most of the new leads are coming from, which products have been most profitable, which customer segment has resulted in the highest payoff and similar aspects outlined in the sales data. Once goals have been clearly set, sales reps should be given clear objectives for each territory.

Reach Out To A Professional Mapping Software Company

sales territory mapping software has wealth of information that a startup would craveIt can be challenging looking at a map to determine how to best divide sales territories. However, collected sales data, in combination with quality sales territory mapping software, can streamline the process for startup businesses. When sales territories are properly aligned, businesses achieve greater employee morale and avoid lost clients and wasted resources.

Sales territories should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they remain evenly distributed. For more information about why startups should use sales territory mapping or to acquire sales territory mapping software, reach out to the professional mapping software experts at Geographic Enterprises.