Geographic Enterprises sales territory mappingSales territory mapping can make or break any business. Without proper mapping, every level of the enterprise can falter. Existing customers are mishandled, new customers aren’t acquired, the staff is neglected and becomes unhealthily competitive, and the administrative office has to deal with all those headaches. Proper sales territory mapping is vital for avoiding these problems and focusing on success.

Starting Sales Territory Mapping

For one, it’s important to remember that territory mapping takes time. It has many moving parts and needs to be done carefully and thoroughly. Otherwise, there could be gaps or overlaps in the map. As part of that planning, be prepared to adjust the maps as the company grows and spreads into new regions. A map that cannot be adapted is no map at all, so make sure to prepare for the future.

Keep Maps Updated

When mapping changes need to occur, work hard to ensure clients, customers, and the sales team aren’t negatively affected. Some sales representative changes might be unavoidable, but the fewer changes, the happier everyone will be once the new maps are completed.

Sales Data

As involved as sales territory mapping can be, the amount of data needed to create those maps can make the job challenging. It takes a lot of information to map accurately, so focus on the actual numbers. Competition and sales are good starting points. Areas of high sales and low sales also need to be considered. That data is a vital business component, including the mapping process.

Balancing the Territory

A business should balance its sales territories. To help with this, it’s a good idea to invest in some quality mapping optimization software. These programs can use all that data from sales to form better maps, which means better business. Some businesses might prefer to map manually, and cost may be a factor. Manual mapping takes a lot of time, though, and the chance for human error is far greater. That said, someone should review what the optimization software creates since programs often overlook the importance of the human element.

Sales territory mapping is an involved process with a lot of parts. It needs data, information, sales representatives, and a dedicated office to correctly map the most optimal territory. If appropriately done with room for growth, the sales territory will improve both in the short and long term.

Geographic Enterprises

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